2013 U.S. World Team Announced

Listed below are the names of the team members who will be representing the United States at the 2013 World Benchrest Championship (WBC-12).  The Championship will be held October 21-25 2013 at the Silverdale Range which is located approximately 1.5 hours west of Sydney Australia.

Team 1 - Tony Boyer,  Bob Scarbrough Jr.,  Gene Bukys,  Ed Adams

Team 2 - Mike Ratigan,  Lee Hachigian,  Jeff Thompson III (JT3),  Wayne Campbell

Team 3 - Charles Huckeba,  Don Creach,  Todd Tyler,  Tom Libby

First Alternate: Don Nielson
Second Alternate: Chris Harris
Third Alternate: Mike Conry
Fourth Alternate: Andy Shifflett
Fifth Alternate: Rodney Brown

Honorary Team Captain: Walt Berger


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