United States Benchrest Hall of Fame Standings (August 2013)

The United States Benchrest Hall of Fame was started by Rifle Magazine in 1972 and chose the NBRSA to administer the entity. It set the criteria for induction as needing to acquire ten points by winning yardages, grand aggregates or the Three-Gun championship at the NBRSA Varmint and Unlimited Nationals; with a point for a yardage win and two points for a grand aggregate and three-gun win.
In 1984, the Hall of Fame was transferred to an independent outside agency. And in 1985 winners of similar events of the IBS Nationals were appropriately included with the NBRSA inductees. Today, the United States Benchrest Hall of Fame is administered by 1993 inductee Rex Reneau.
The 2013 Nationals season has brought three new members to be inducted into the US Benchrest Hall of Fame. First, at the 2013 IBS Nationals held this past August at Holton, MI two shooters earned the necessary ten points to be inducted. Those two new inductees are Pennsylvanian Harley Baker and Col. Bart Sauter of Kentucky. Harley gained his tenth point by winning the Unlimited 100 stage on the first day of competition. And Colonel Bart achieved his ninth, tenth and eleventh points by winning Heavy Varmint 100 and Heavy Varmint Grand Aggregate. Congratulations guys for great shooting and the accomplishment.
Other notable accomplishments at the IBS Nationals this year were Larry Costa attaining his seventh and eighth points by winning the three-gun; Jeff Thompson moving to eight points with his wins at Sporter 100 and the Sporter Grand; Andy Schifflett and Mike Conry moving to five points with their wins at LV 100 and Unlimited 200 respectively. And Jim Carstensen got on the board by gaining two points with his win in the Unlimited Grand. Then there were also additions to the point totals of current Hall of Fame members Tony Boyer, Gene Bukys, Bob Scarbrough, Jr. and Jack Neary with their respective wins in the LV Grand, LV 200, HV 200 and Sporter 200. It should be of special note that Tony has added to his unprecedented point count at Holton bringing it to 161 points, at that point.
In September the NBRSA Nationals were held at Fairchance, PA. During that contest a third shooter earned the necessary points to gain induction in the Hall of Fame. Floridian Larry Costa earned his points be winning LV 100 and Sporter 200, as well as the Two-gun, Three-gun (for two more points, bring his total to date to 12) and the Four-gun. Congratulations Larry on this fine accomplishment.
Other notable accomplishments at Fairchance were Kenny Pritt winning UNL 100, bringing his total to four points to date. And Lee Hachigian won HV 100 and the HV Grand Aggregate to raise his total to four points. Future inductees Bart Sauter and Harley Baker also added to their point totals by respectively winning LV 200 and the LV Grand (by Sir Bart, for 14 points to date) and Sporter 200 by Harley to bring his tally to 11 to date.
Current Hall of Fame member Wayne Campbell earned another additional point at Fairchance by winning UNL 200 to give him 24 points.
Two significant events also happened at Fairchance that require communicating. First, as a result of Lester Bruno winning the Unlimited Grand Aggregate he moved ahead of Allie Euber into the second place all-time for Hall of Fame points. Congratulations Lester on attaining your 47th and 48th points.
And, it goes without saying that the all-time points leader Tony Boyer added to his unprecedented points total by winning Sporter 100 and the Sporter Grand, giving Tony 164 points
Please view the attached Excel file for the current totals through September 2013 of the existing and hopefully future Hall of Fame contenders.

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