Rick Graham wins the Heavy Varmint / UNL NW Regionals at Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club 6/3/12


On June 2nd and 3rd, 2012 Tacoma Rifle and Revolver held their 3rd match of the year. This 2 day contest would determine the winner of the NW Regional for the Heavy Varmint and 5 shot Unlimited Class.  Saturday was mild, with the afternoon gusts making for some large groups.  We began with our HV contest at 100 yards on Saturday morning which was won by Jim Folwell with a .2210 agg.  That afternoon, Rick Graham showed his wind reading skills by winning the 200 yard with a .2472 agg. The Heavy Varmint 100-200yd grand agg was won by Larry Boers with a .2555 agg.

Sunday brought milder conditions for us.  We shot the Unlimited class at 200 yards in the morning. The rail guns were out in force as Rick Graham shot a .1814 agg to win the yardage. At 100 yards, Steve Kostanich took the yardage with a .1877 agg. Rick Graham won the Unlimited grand aggregate posting a tiny teen agg of .1846

The Two Gun was awarded to Rick Graham with a .2202 agg.

We had a great shoot with many screamer groups shot,  It was nice to see the rail guns getting warmed up.


Nice shooting guys.

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