Rick Graham wins Tacoma`s Sporter/ Light Varmint Regional August 6th, 7th





On August 6th and 7th of 2011 Tacoma Rifle and Revolver held their Northwest Regional match for the Sporter and Light Varmint Class. This contest would determine the winner of the Del Bishop Trophy as well. 

We began with our Sporter contest at 100 yards on Saturday morning which was won by Allen Tucker with a .1940 agg.  That afternoon at 200, Rick Graham showed his wind reading abilities and won the yardage with a .2147 agg. Mustafa Bilal won the 100 yd grand with a .2167 agg

Sunday brought more typical conditions for us.  We shot the Light Varmint class at 200 yards in the morning. Jeff Lewis shot a .1970 agg. to win the yardage. At 100 yards, Mark Walker shot the best with a .2248 agg. Rich Graham won the LV aggregate with a .2161, and the 2 gun with a .2200

The Del Bishop Trophy is the winner of the 4 Regional matches held during the season. 

This year Larry Boers was the winner of the Northwest Regional 4 gun with a  .2299 agg.

Rick Graham followed closely in second with a .2309 agg, and Musafa Bilal placed third with a .2466 agg.


Sporter Class Winners

Rick Graham

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