Rick Graham wins Washington State 3gun Championship 2011


On September 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2011 Tacoma Rifle and Revolver held their last match of the year. This 3 day contest would determine the winner of the Washington State Championship for the Sporter, Light and Heavy Varmint Classes. Saturday we began with our Sporter contest at 100 yards which was won by Rick Graham with a .2142 agg.  That afternoon, Alan Tucker showed his wind reading skills by winning the 200 yard with a .2612 agg. The Heavy Varmint 100-200yd grand agg was also won by Alan with a .2535 agg.

Sunday brought milder conditions for us.  We shot the Light varmint class at 200 yards in the morning. All eyes were on Rick Graham as he shot a .1687 agg. to win the yardage at 200 yards, and a .1630 at 100. Rick took the grand aggregate posting a tiny teen agg of .1658.

Rick`s Light Varmint agg was good enough to set a new range record, and will undergo the scrutiny of the records committee to see if we have a new world record.  

Monday was another fine day to shoot small groups. Mustafa Bilal posted up a .2078 at 100 yards, and followed it up with a .2392 at 200. Mustafa ended the day winning the HV grand with a .2235 agg. Rick's good shooting would give him top honors in the 3 gun. Congratulations Rick on some fine shooting all year long. 

  Special thanks to Denny Andrews, and all who put on the wonderful steak feed on Sunday night, Duane Hatch (TRRC President) for stepping in to run this weekends matches , and Stan Tombs, for the outstanding job he has done measuring groups over the years! 

And finally, we would like to thank all the sponsors who offered donations to be given away as prizes at our State Championship. This is a long list, and we are so very grateful!!

Bartlein Barrels, Benchmark Barrels, Berger Bullets, Bishop Bullets, Bruno`s Shooters Supply, Butch Lambert and Shadetree Engineering, Graham Wind Flags, Kreiger Barrels, Mustafa Bilal and Turk`s Head, Parrish Bullets, Russ Haydon`s Shooters Supply, Shilen Rifles Inc., Snake River Barrels, and Steve Kostanich.


Wash ST 3 gun 2011
1. Rick Graham 0.2384
2. Allen Tucker 0.2479
3. Jeff Yost 0.2623
4. Steve Kostanich 0.2697
5. Mustafa Bilal 0.2758
6. Jeff Lewis 0.2873
7. Chris Ross 0.2908
8. Larry Boers 0.2988
9. Allen Condiff 0.2992
10. Sandra Simon 0.3131



State Match 3 Gun Grand Agg 9.5.11.pdf39.08 KB
Sporter Grand Agg 9.3.11.pdf32.91 KB
LV Grand Agg 9.4.11.pdf33.92 KB
HV Grand Agg 9.5.11.pdf34.32 KB
3-gun winners'11.jpg49.79 KB

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